Anarchists’ Brunch: In The Forest

Even after some 30 years now of being a baseball and Cubs fan, I still struggle to get my arms around the length and breadth of a baseball season. It’s not just the days on the calendar, as both the NBA and NHL seasons are also just about six months long. It’s that facet of every day, and if you focus on the day-to-day results and stats you might miss what it piling up in total, And vice versa.

Since July 1st, the Cubs have gone 35-20. That’s .636 ball in case you didn’t have a calculator near by. The second half of the season they’re 32-15, which is .681. It’s also one game better than the Dodgers have been. Essentially, for the last half of the season they could be playing at the same pace they did all of last year.

And yet I found myself focusing far too much on the other side.

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