Anarchists’ Brunch: It’s Hard To Pivot

There are a lot of things we’re getting used to for the first time. Like, seeing MLB Network is rerunning the World Series and realizing, “Hey, we played and won that!” And of course sitting down for at least 20 minutes to watch some of it. Because it doesn’t get any worse upon review, whatever your feelings on how this week went in the world.

And then there’s the start of the hot stove season. We used to look upon this with great excitement. We couldn’t wait to read the rumors of how the Cubs were going to change and try to be better for the following season. Especially the last few years when we knew we had really smart guys making the decisions (not that all of them have been perfect), reading up on what their plans might be always provided hope.

But now… well it’s clear I don’t feel the same way.

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