Anarchists’ Brunch: A Potpurri Of Lunacy

Bit of a grab bag this week. Let’s run through it all.

-Last night was the first time the Cubs popped up on FOX for a game. As unenjoyable as it turned out to be, most of us had been eying Anderson vs. Yankees for a few days ahead of time and getting the Maalox ready, it was more unenjoyable for some because Joe Buck was on the call.

I’ve never understood the angst toward Buck, honestly. I know he comes from St. Louis, and some think that makes him biased. I honestly have never heard that or felt it. Maybe I’m not paying close enough attention, but I feel like everyone thinks the national broadcasters have it in for their team. Never mind that Buck actually had talked for years how much he wanted to cover the Cubs in the World Series.

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