Anarchists Brunch: Theme Me Up, Scotty

The best the Cubs can do on this trip is .500. Which would make their record on their “theme” trips a glorious 3-9. And I saw last night some frustration with the whole concept of themed road trips. This was predictable.

It’s easy to be enamored with the eccentricities of Joe Maddon and his teams when everything is going well. It’s cute, sometimes funny, and it makes your team quirky. But deep down we all knew that when the Cubs were struggling, it was going to look off-center and not in a good way. At least to some people. We know this is a bit meatball thinking, where it looks like Maddon and his team aren’t taking their struggles as seriously as we might be out here. Although these days, those two things are starting to line up a little more, based on the quotes coming out of the clubhouse.

It didn’t help that these two “themes” this year are just plain dumb.

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