Anarchists’ Brunch: Time To Pivot…Sorta

It sounds strange, I didn’t even really think about it until last night, but we are closer to spring training now than we are from our championship night. That was over two months ago, and we’re only six weeks from pitchers and catchers (can you believe it?) I suppose that’s another surprise of having our first World Series winner on this side of town in a century-plus, just how short the offseason is. You’ll blink, and your “Champions” gear will still have that “new” smell, and suddenly we’ll be getting updates from Mesa and John will be setting up a tent and cot along the back field of Sloan Park (yes I know that John lives in Mesa but I figure he’s still setting up shop because that’s funny to me).

It makes it funny that they’ll jam the convention in next weekend, because it’s like, “Guys, we just saw you, and we’re going to see you soon anyway.” Not that it won’t be a total mess, as the convention tends to be.

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