Anarchists’ Brunch: Wound Too Tight

I’ve always struggled with the term “juiced” for baseballs that have been altered in the construction process. And not only because of puerile humor, of which I’m obviously a huge fan. “Juiced” makes it seem like something has been injected into them, when we know they’re simply wound tighter or the seams smoothed out or both or some other such change in the makeup. Nothing is generally added, at least I’ve never heard of it. I don’t know what you’d add to a baseball anyway. Flubber?

Anyway, the evidence seems to be mounting that there’s a change in the baseball this season, leading to a spike in homers. Most of it stems from this article by Ben Lindbergh on The Ringer. Hard to argue with a lot of it, and even just the numbers of homers going up, the average of homers per fly ball going up, and whatever else point to something.

My question would be: Why?

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