Dodgers Q&A With Jim Rose Circus Escapee

We found our friend Aaron behind the dumpster again, so we figured before we had him hosed off and taken to the woods we’d ask him a few questions about the Dodgers. Follow him on Twitter @atf13atf.

So the Dodgers have replaced Chase Utley at second with Logan Forsythe, Brandon McCarthy and Hyun-Jin Ryu haven’t died yet, and if anything goes wrong in the rotation Urias is waiting in the minors. What could go wrong for the Dodgers this year that would prevent us from doing this dance again in October?

The Dodgers made it four games into the season before putting a starting pitcher on the DL. Kershaw looked human Saturday, altitude or not, and Maeda is a dinger machine. Any value out of McCarthy would surprise me and Ryu’s pitched 9 innings since handing the ball to something called “Scott Elbert” in the 2014 NLDS. Scott Kazmir opened up the spring with Jered Weaver’s velocity and $40 million left on his contract. Alex Wood and his store-brand right-handed counterpart Ross Stripling will probably swing between the rotation and the bullpen. Here’s hoping Ross isn’t still suffering from that broken eyelash or whichever injury let the Dodgers stash him in extended spring training through June.

As for the bullpen, Chris Hatcher has yet to be DFA’d and picked up by the Mariners, and Pedro Baez still exists so the dance might go on until December.

Also, they can’t hit a baseball when it’s thrown out by a left arm.

Please explain why I should think anything other than Rich Hill crashing and burning this year? Because I think he’s crashing and burning. 

Blister Boy might benefit most from occasional trips to the 10-day, 1-start DL. Of course this means it will never just be ten days or just one start, but we can dream.

Is this the year the Dodgers finally leave Joc Pederson completely alone and just let him be Adam Dunn with a great glove in center?

If only Joc could pitch in relief like Adam.

Is Puig’s hot start just a smokescreen for the normal horseshit that follows him around later in the year?


Any worries about Adrian Gonzalez’s age?

If there wasn’t a fancy new toy named Cody Bellinger hanging out in Oklahoma City, probably. He and Urias are probably the only things nailed down come July 31, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him called up a month later. As for Gonzalez, he’ll probably hit 18 home runs and over half of them will be during the same 6-week summer stretch.

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