Game 128: The Hangover (Dodgers 3-2 Cubs)

This one was played as if both teams put too much into last night. Especially the 7th inning the tape of which will be used to break suspects in police interrogation rooms across the country. The Cubs had Urias on the ropes in the first, but an ill-thought-out bunt from Zobrist and then a couple outs later and the Cubs only had one run. This is becoming something of an annoying tendency from Zobrist and let’s hope he shelves it.

After that Urias really locked in. There’s a reason he’s one of the most ballyhooed prospects in the game, and the Cubs saw why today after lighting him up but good in June. He’s got three pitches he can throw for strikes or locate well out of the zone. They weren’t all that close after the first.

On the flip side, Hammel wasn’t on top of his game but he also wasn’t watching things thwacked off the wall every AB either. This was kind of the opposite of last night where Joe Maddon went to a playoff tactic in a game that certainly doesn’t mean anything like that to the Cubs. Maybe he was just bored. But it’s been something a lot of analysts have proposed you do in a playoff game, where you have a starter you’re fairly sure is going to top out at two times through the lineup (if that), and then you back him up with an opposite-handed reliever to counteract the lineup set for the starter. It worked a treat, you have to admit, as Zaslahdknavldkadlfkhadlfkhaby was able to keep the Dodgers right where they were and Cahill and Wood followed that up.

It’s strange to do it here, because if anyone is going to do this in the playoffs, at least from the left side, it’s Mike Montgomery. You’re not going to see Lester pulled early for a right-handed reliever unless he goes to total shit one night. So maybe Joe was just trying it out to entertain himself? Zyhlknsdnaldfknafdlkhjadlbh isn’t going to be on the playoff roster, and obviously Montgomery wasn’t available after starting last night.

Or maybe he just likes pissing off Hammel. I guess we know which of the five starters isn’t making the playoff rotation, huh?

Other notes:

-I’ve rarely wished for the sweet embrace of death like I did in the top of the 7th.

-Jason Heyward’s ABs have looked much better this week. I don’t know if they’re going to result in actual uptick in results, but at least I’m not cringing after every ground ball.

-Soler’s are going the other way.

-Baez has a .587 OPS in August.


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