Game 142: Be All That You Can Be

That’s the Army, Jackson.

What’s been so enjoyable about so much of this Cubs season, as I’ve written before, is a lot of wins go the Axl route instead of the Izzy route. For baseball, that’s good. For GNR, not so much. Axl thinks every Guns N’ Roses song must do everything the band is capable of (glove-tap Chuck Klosterman), whereas Izzy just stripped and arranged for the necessary part. This is why Appetite sounds so different than Chinese Democracy. But that’s not why you called.

Tonight was another win where the Cubs show you just about everything they can do. Bash in a starting pitcher’s head who’s not on the very top of his game. Patiently wait for their chance. Grind away. And then cause fireworks, this time through Soler and Russell.

Defense? Oh, we got defense. Russell, Baez, Rizzo, Zobrist all with great plays. We’ll even show you the kid who isn’t even supposed to play until next season in Almora. Defense for days ’round these parts.

Pitching? Can do that too, when it’s needed. Jake Arrieta was very good for five innings, then ran out of gas with the same king of bug that apparently jumped up and bit Grimm on Friday. Hey guys, separate plates next time, huh?

Whatever danger there was, and there really wasn’t any, was extinguished by the other component the Cubs have, the pen. Grimm gets two outs to get out of the sixth. Cahill gives up nothing in two innings which allowed him to try for the old-school save. Didn’t quite get there. Oh well. Never really in doubt.

All of it leaves the Cubs with a magic number of five, meaning a sweep in St. Louis sees the division over and done with. And celebrating on the Cards’ field. That sounds pretty good to me. Let’s have that.

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