Sometimes it’s that easy. While Lester didn’t quite get the Maddux thanks to greasy-forever Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey, two of the three hitters the Giants have at the moment, they didn’t come anywhere near even suggesting they could score again. Lester was that good, silencing whatever doubt had crept in about him or his partnership with Angry Willie C (I’m still working on this. Crazy?). And the Cubs have their first complete game of the season. Combined with Arrieta having at least two decent starts in a row, and Hendricks finding it, they’re only Lackey not being a sprinkler head from being able to put a streak together.

Let’s clean the rest up:

-Not sure why Cueto thought throwing Heyward anything offspeed was a good idea, but I’m glad he did. Heyward still hasn’t proven he can turn on anything hard, and any pitcher that throws him any breaking pitch anywhere near the zone should probably be hit with an alligator.

-Not sure why Cueto thought substituting a golf ball in for his pitch to Schwarber was  a good idea, but I’m glad he did. Schwarbs is still about 100 OPS points from even being considered decent numbers, but I also have full faith he will get there. Maybe getting out of the leadoff spot will help, though I can’t imagine why other than placebo effect.

-Give me all of the bullpen dance parties and I cannot wait until some crusty team starts complaining about it. The Giants are a solid bet. When the Cardinals get here next month there’s your chalk.

-It’s kind of amazing that Lackey gave up six runs to this outfit, even with the wind howling out. This is an unfortunate lineup at the moment, and you can tell how bad the depth is when Christian Arroyo, who should be at Double-A right now, is having to flail and drown with no relief in sight. And they’re batting him second.


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