Game 45 – It’s The Little Things: Giants 4 – Cubs 5

I think what I love most about baseball, at least a lot of the time, is that games can always be boiled down to one moment. And not just a moment, but a confrontation. You know it before it happens, so you can really sink into it. In other sports, you usually don’t know until after it’s gone. At best, it’s right in the middle of it. Baseball you see them coming.

After Hendricks put together another great start, it seemed pretty simple. Uehara for three outs, if anything went goofy than Carl’s Jr. would take put out any fire, and then over to Weigh Davis. Wasn’t so smooth in practice.

Bloop single to Michael Morse, no big deal. But as the inning went on, there was a foreboding sense of Buster Posey down the road. Uehara vs. Belt came up, and you knew he had to get him otherwise things would get sticky. He couldn’t get Belt to chase, which means it came down to Edwards v. Posey. Cubs most dominant reliever vs the Giants best hitter. Hey, it’s only a game in May but that’s still must-see TV.

In the end, walking Posey wasn’t disaster, except the only other hitter the Giants have is Crawford with no margin for error. Going to 3-1 didn’t make the heart beat any slower, but Carl got him to ground weakly back to him, and you knew it was game-set-match from there.

Of course it wasn’t, as the Cubs added a fifth run which they would need as Weigh Davis would have his first rough outing as a Cub. It might have something to do with not having pitched in a week, at least that’s what we’ll hope. But still, I’m just going to say things pivoted on that 8th inning encounter with Edwards and Crawford.

Let’s clean it up.

-Hendricks had his sixth straight start giving up two or less runs, pitching at least six innings in five of those. Remember when you were worried? He dug himself a small hole in the 2nd by not covering first but I doubt there as much to be done anyway. If Arrieta’s switch finally flips on, and it might already have, the Cubs will have three starters going full strength.

-Four home runs when the wind was howling in, and Heyward barely missed a fifth. Baseball’s weird.

Get tomorrow, that’s a 7-2 homestand. That’s sounds pretty good to me. I’ll have that.

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