Game 80 – Yellow Light: Cubs Zilch – Reds 5

Again, in a week, or two weeks, or a month, we may look at Thursday’s win in DC as a turning point. Or it’ll just be a blip in a continued frustration. We don’t have perspective on it, and anyone thinking we would get that after one day is huffing something with chemicals.

Perspective is also necessary on a game like tonight’s. Because in this season, it’s just another piece stacked on all the others of the Cubs offensive inconsistency/ineptness. Yet the lineup contained what, at least three players who weren’t ever supposed to start? If the Cubs were rolling, you’d take a Scott Feldman… I’m sorry, that’s not right…SCOTT FUCKING FELDMAN gem and say, “Well, that happens sometimes. Move on.”

And really, that’s all it is. Sometimes the other pitcher is just better. And it can be anyone on a given night, which I suppose is the charm of the sport. Maybe it’ll even be John Lackey one night again this season. Stranger things have happened.

It’s not further proof the Cubs offense is permanently borked or they’re going to do this forever or the season is turning into a disaster. It’s just a night in late June where a nondescript starter put it all together.

And Montgomery really only made the one mistake, with Adam Duvall getting a rare opposite field homer. And the mistake wasn’t even that bad, as though Monty missed his spot it was a fastball on the outside corner.

And maybe it looks differently if Rizzo’s fly in the sixth is five feet farther or ten feet more to the line. Then you’d have a tie game.

But it wasn’t to be. Just a night in June.


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