Giants Q&A With Some Drunk We Found

Sometimes, we go to official bloggers for our Q&As. And then sometimes there are just people in our lives who happen to be amiable, and also actually respond to our emails. So it is with Julian Duff, some wanderer who lives in Brooklyn but is from the Bay Area and the Giants are all that ease his pain.

Here we go!

The Giants muddled around .500 for April, but have begun to separate from the pack in the West a little bit. Anything change or just kind of a normalizing?

A: Normalizing. Unlike the Cubs, “stacked” is not really a good way to describe the ’16 Giants – there’ll be periods of scuffling followed by streaks. No one’s running away with the West. There’s still no rhythm in the rotation and the bats are still hot and cold. Dodgers and Rockies are going to play hard all year. It’s gonna be a bit of a slog. Feels like one of those “come down to the last week of the season” kinda years.

How’s our old friend Jeff Samardzija gone over?

A: lots of people ridiculed the acquisition but I was always a fan. He struck me as a guy that was not going to want to be Bumgarner Lite. I thought the two of them could push each other and so far so good.

What are they going to do about the back end of this rotation?

A: I think Bochy will give Cain and Peavey every opportunity and last week looked a little brighter than the first month of the season. Maybe the mentality is “better to struggle with vets than struggle with kids”. And as a father and dog owner, I struggle with both vets and kids. After that, Heston (’15 no-hitter) is available and maybe Timmy Smoke. Errr, wait a minute… Strike that last bit.

Last year’s breakout star Matt Duffy has a .299 OBP this season. Just a slump or some real concern here?

A: I’m concerned. But we forget that he was such a surprise last year. He went from 3rd base placeholder to franchise guy in the blink of an eye. If he regresses a little, back to just place holding, you can’t really complain. He took the “why won’t you just hit!?!?!” baton from Belt, for me.

The new addition to the lineup in the winter was Denard Span. First impressions?

A: First impressions of Denard Span: A little salty but generally tasty. I’ll take all the Span I can get actually. I’m like a Hawaiian when it comes to Span. Did you know they make sushi out of Span nowadays? Even though, at 32, he’s kinda like recycled meat, he is doing everything that was expected of him. Aoki only played 93 games last year, Caballo Loco played a bunch of leadoff – even Pence lead off. He’s on base more than Posey (.373) and steals bases/gets into scoring position. Nice pickup – holding my breath that he stays healthy.

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