Had ‘Em On The Mat

There’s a lot I could say, but I don’t have the patience or the energy. When you knock Bumgarner out of a playoff game leading, you have to have that. And the Cubs could have. Sure, they could have lit him up for more, and they missed their chances. Whatever that may be, they took a lead with six outs to go. And then they mangled it.

Is it over now? Of course it fucking isn’t. Anyone who’s afraid of Matt Moore is a moron. The Cubs signed John Lackey for two reasons. 1) He eats innings. 2) He pitches well in the playoffs. Well, he rested and now it’s here. I’ll take my chances.

But let’s go through how this went awry, shall we?

So the Cubs negotiated the 7th through Strop and Wood. Good enough. And then it goes weird. Brandon Belt has reverse splits. At the very best, he’s just as good against lefties as he is righties. You’re also facing 2-3-4 in the Giants lineup. If you have to throw a lefty at him, then throw your best one which is Chapman. Yeah, I know what Posey’s numbers are against Chapman. He’s still hitting for no power, and if you think a lefty is getting Belt out then Chapman is the one.

To be fair, Belt lined a single off a pretty good pitch from Wood. It’s not like he made a huge mistake. So now we’re in a new situation.

Chapman had spent all of a week here before he bitched about multi-inning saves and coming in in the middle of an inning. He doesn’t do it, and even though at this time of year he should do what he’s told, it’s not his best feature. If he has to have a clean inning, give him the 8th, dare Posey to hit a homer, and then use Grimm or Edwards or Rondon to get you out of the 9th.

Ok, Chapman is in there. Gillaspie was all over the first fastball he saw, fouling it straight back. I don’t know if it’s on Contreras or Chapman, but he’s got to throw a slider. Even if it’s not close, it gives him something to think about. Gillaspie was selling out on a fastball. Throw something else.

-Beyond that, I don’t know what else to bitch about. I don’t know Heyward gets to Gillaspie’s ball. You can’t argue with what Almora did later. Montgomery pitched his heart out and did all he could.

Oh right, David Ross in the 13th. Again, slaves to the lefty-righty matchup. If Coghlan made the playoff roster you’re saying he’s a better hitter than Ross. By definition he had to be. I know what the magical story is and I know Ross has had a better year than anyone expected. It’s still David Ross. That double-play was always on the cards.

-That said, it’s still Matt Fucking Moore next. You got to their pen. They’ve emptied it just like you have. This should amount to nothing more than a cheap thrill for them.

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