…And Mail You Home To Mama

We continue our travels through the three names we’re probably going to hear the most about this winter, and that’s Ian Happ. We’ll get to Schwarber tomorrow. Then again, the two are pretty much linked, because if one is tossed overboard it’s going to be in favor of the other. And seeing as how they both play the outfield, you feel like he choice is going to be between the two. There just don’t seem to be enough ABs for both of them, along with Almora probably needing more, Heyward still jammed into right field, and both Zobrist and maybe Bryant also taking some time in the outfield, along with whatever fourth or fifth outfielder the Cubs add.

So we come to our Colonel Happ. The great, and annoying, thing about Happ is you can see just about whatever you want in him.

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Your Dead End Dreams Don’t Make You Smile

I’ve known I was probably going to have to write this post since like, July. And as Javier Baez piled up the homers and hits and great plays in August and September when Addison Russell was out, I knew that it was still coming. It would just be harder. So a couple caveats before we get rolling with this. I love Javy Baez. You love Javy Baez. Everyone loves Javy Baez. There’s no point in being a fan if you’re going to remove emotion from it. So because of that, no one ever wants to see Javy anywhere else.

But in order to analyze what Baez is as a player right now and what he might become, we do have to remove the emotion, fun, show, and noise from Javy. Which isn’t easy. Let’s get through this together.

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Is It Decision Time?

As we slide into the offseason now, I sort of wondered how to go about a season review/offseason primer. Player-by-player reviews get rote and boring, and there’s really no point in reviewing Jon Lester or Kris Bryant. You know what they are, and that they’re going to be here next year. There’s not much mystery there.

As we move into it, and we’ll go more in depth with all of them, it feels like this is the time that the Cubs front office is going to have to make a big decision, and it seems like it’s going to come between Ian Happ, Javy Baez, and Kyle Schwarber. And Addison Russell might be a long shot closing on the outside.

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You Get What Every Team Gets. A Lifetime.

And with that, it’s all to bed. The thing about the 2016 Cubs is it’s not just the one season. It was the anticipation for it that began somewhere during the 2015 season. Maybe it was early for you that year. Maybe it was in the middle. Maybe you didn’t think about 2016 until the final out of the ’15 NLCS. But whatever it was, your 2016 season started well before Fowler led off in Anaheim.

And it goes farther than the parade. This whole season is still attached to the last one. It’s still the “defense.” Everything that happened would obviously be compared, because it was still so fresh. The two are connected.

That cycle is over.

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Arrieta Day

Barring something unforeseen, and being a bit fatalistic, today is our last #ArrietaDay. And that’s on two fronts. The Cubs don’t look like making this a series at all, and it seems highly unlikely that Jake will then stay in free agency. Sure, we all dream of him accepting a three- or four-year deal because he loves it here so much. But that doesn’t happen with Boras clients who will almost certainly have at least the Astros, Giants, Angels, maybe Mariners and more offering five, six, maybe even seven years in what might be Jake’s only opportunity to seriously cash in.

The past season and a half…well, it’s been interesting. It’s been up and down. But if tonight is going to be just for the sake of enjoying one last baseball game, I want to enjoy watching Arrieta one last time. And I hope he has one last raw power performance in him.

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Even Walls Fall Down: Dodgers 6 – Cubs 1 (Dodgers Lead 3-0)

The urge to rant and rave certainly is there, and there will be time for that soon, but I don’t think it’s now. I guess there’s one train of thought that I’ve heard over the past couple days that I want to disprove, at least partially. It’s this sentiment that because the Cubs won the World Series last year, we are supposed to just let whatever happens this year just come and go with a dismissive wave. And that’s not entirely wrong. It’s not even mostly wrong. Whatever happens now, as clear as it seems, is not going to erase the memories and joy and tears of last November and all that came before it.

But still, if we were to convene here in ten years, or even five maybe (and god help me if I’m still doing this like this in five years, but that’s another discussion), and the Cubs haven’t won another World Series, or haven’t even been to one, I’m going to be disappointed. Again, it won’t dim the gloss of last year, but it would be a disappointment. So I can’t simply shrug my shoulders at the passing of a chance of another one that’s right here. And I don’t think you should either.

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